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Selling Digital Music

Formatting Culture

“Until now, the full story of music’s digitalization had not been told. Selling Digital Music, Formatting Culture is that telling—a lively, textured, and meticulous account that challenges common wisdom and oft-repeated apocrypha. Required reading.” —Devon Powers, Associate Professor of Communication, Drexel University 

“We’ve been waiting for years for a definitive account of the ‘digital moment’ in recorded music, one that draws skillfully upon a full range of social, cultural, and musical theory. That account has finally arrived in the form of Jeremy Morris’s fine, comprehensive book.”  —David Hesmondhalgh, Professor of Media, Music and Culture, University of Leeds 

“Morris takes us to the code and user-interface levels of digital-music distribution and playback systems in a detailed and well-researched analysis. Selling Digital Music, Formatting Culture demonstrates the infinite promises and notable disappointments of the music and computer software industries as they have fought to capture and retain music fans in their online webs of influence.” —Patrick Burkart, Professor of Communication, Texas A&M University